Capturing a moment in time has always been a fascination of mine…………more so romantic or emotional than factual. Images arouse my spirit, make me think, provide links to my past and let me express a creative part of myself that needs to be explored and mined.

I enjoy all aspects of the art from setting the scene, to taking the image, to post-processing and finally making a print for display. All of these components are of equal importance as they all contribute to the final product, which in the end must meet the highest standards of excellence, or as my Dad would say, “outstanding”. To me there is no higher complement than ones’ performance or service to be called outstanding.

Not everyone has the desire or the time to be a jack of all trades by taking total personal control of all aspects of an image. I do however have the inclination and the time so every finished image delivered has my imprint from start to finish. Does it make a difference? I think so but it also means that I can only produce a limited number of images. But what that does guarantee however is that each image has the time and effort put in to reach the goal of achieving an outstanding product; something of value.

I now shoot on a day to day basis with Nikon cameras. I've run the gambit of using photographic options from Canon to Sony to Pentax and Leica and have settled on Nikon as my tool of choice. Off camera lights are provided by the use of Elinchrom strobes and diffusers. Raw conversion uses Capture One Pro 11 followed by Photoshop and various filters such as Nik and Alien Skin. Prints are developed using ImagePrint 10 software on an Epson P800. Prints are available by inquiry and are, like everything else I provide, custom made.